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     I am a kindergarten teacher at Fieldcrest in Bradford. I am currently doing Learn@Home for the second year. I am passionate about the Early Years and providing the best possible start for our youngest learners. I am also a life-long learner and am actively involved in participating in as much professional learning as possible. I have participated in local and provincial professional learning, including Women in Action (parts 1-3), Reflections on Practice, And Still We Rise, and I have facilitated a variety of SCETF Book Clubs. 

     I am looking forward to working for the members to bring meaningful, relevant, engaging, and cross-curricular professional learning opportunities. I plan to actively seek networking opportunities to bring a broader variety of workshops and presenters to Simcoe County. I intend to collaborate with a variety of other chairs (like Equity, Status of Women, and New Members) to ensure we offer the broadest variety of professional learning available to members. I am looking forward to learning with you this year!

     We have a variety of Professional Learning planned for the 2021-2022 school year and look forward to seeing you this year! Check emails and the website often for upcoming workshops!

     Additionally, SCETF members have the opportunity to apply for Professional Learning Funds each year for a course (AQ, ABQ, PQP, Masters, PhD, credit courses) OR a workshop/conference OR professional learning resources. The application form can be found HERE.

Looking for Professional Learning Funds? 

     All members should take a few minutes and read over the guidelines for accessing funds.  It is the responsibility of each member to know what the process is for approval. When the application is not received 2 weeks prior to the event, no approval will be granted.

Tips for Accessing Professional Learning Funds

  • It is never too early to apply for funds – the sooner you apply, the better! Many teachers plan in advance and know the conference or the course they will want to attend. 
  • We understand that things come up and that plans need to change. If you apply and need to switch the PD activity or cancel, it is easy to do so. Just drop us an email.
  • Ask for approval before purchasing resources – there are guidelines about what counts as teacher professional learning. 
    • A professional learning material needs to help you as a teacher (focus on teaching methodologies, classroom management, etc). 
    • A resource book is something that aids the students in their learning. So if you bought a song book or a games book or something like “ABC Activities” these types of purchases would not be reimbursed. 
    • You should check with your teacher-librarian to see if they have an allocation of funds for resources that aid students or contact your administrator.

Additional Professional Learning Workshops/Resources

  • Jump Math –> Free Gr. 4-9 Financial Literacy Resources for teachers. Click HERE .
  • Upcoming Professional Learning (ETFO)
  • eResources (ETFO)
    • A great example is the Awareness, Engagement Activism: A Social Justice Approach This extensive document is sorted by grade level, children’s books, themes, culminating activities. This is just one example of what is available
  • The Cobblestone Collective
  • eResources (OTF)
  • Additional opportunities will be shared with members via SCETF emails, social media and this website, so be sure to have a current non-board email on file with SCETF! If you need to update your information, click HERE.

If you have any questions, please email Susan Michaud at 

Susan Michaud

SCETF Professional Learning Chair


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