SCETF Office is Closed Until May 31st

The SCETF Office is closed until May 31st.   The SCETF Office Staff and SCETF Released Officers are working off-site and can be reached by email.

Janet Bigham, President, SCETF:                                     

Donnie Mils, 1st Vice President, SCETF:                          

Mark Butt, Local Lead Negotiator, SCETF:                    

Nathan Klaassen, Executive Officer – Benefits, SCETF:  

General inquires can be emailed to .

For emergency situations, ETFO Members can contact the ETFO Provincial Office in Toronto at 1-888-838-3836 and ask for the Staff Officer on duty in PRS.

SCETF Professional Learning Funds applications continue to be processed during the SCETF Office Closure.  Applications and paperwork to finalize an application can be emailed to

All SCETF Events scheduled for the month of April have been postponed or cancelled.

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