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Occupational Health and Safety Act (Ontario) –  Click Here
WSIB Worker Exposure Form – Click HereThis form is filled out voluntarily by the worker and kept on file at the WSIB.  Fill this out if:

  1. You have had an exchange of bodily fluids, either a bite, scratching/breaking the skin, spit on the face (eyes, mouth, nasal passage) or any sputum, feces, urine contacting an open sore AND:
  2. You have not submitted an Employee’s Report of Injury OR:
  3. You have submitted an Employee’s Report of injury and there was no lost time OR:
  4. You have submitted an Employee’s Report of Injury and have not sought medical attention

This form is filled out in case you have come into contact with a contaminant, and later get sick, this is your proof you were infected at work.  Mail it in yourself, then copy to your Principal

Work Refusal Process – Click Here
ETFO Provincial Health and Safety – Click Here
WHMIS – Click Here
Ministry of Labour – Click Here
Spring Steward Health and Safety Training
Bill 168, Aggressive Incidents, and Air Quality Reporting – What you Need to Know

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