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 Occupational Health and Safety Act (Ontario) –  Click Here

WSIB – if you are injured at work, your doctor, the employer and you as the employee are all required to fill out WSIB paperwork. Employees need to fill out form 6. Click Here 

WSIB Worker Exposure Form – Click Here This form is filled out voluntarily by the worker and kept on file at the WSIB if:

  1. You have had an exchange of bodily fluids, either a bite, scratching/breaking the skin, spit on the face (eyes, mouth, nasal passage) or any sputum, feces, urine contacting an open sore AND:
  2. You have not submitted an Employee’s Report of Injury OR:
  3. You have submitted an Employee’s Report of injury and there was no lost time OR:
  4. You have submitted an Employee’s Report of Injury and have not sought medical attention

This form is filled out in case you have come into contact with a contaminant, and later get sick, this is your proof you were infected at work.  Mail it in yourself, then copy to your Principal

Work Refusals: If you are considering a work refusal, please contact Jennifer Klaassen at the  SCETF office.

  • Explanation of a work refusal click Here
  • Quick view flow chart Here

Ministry of Labour – Health and Safety Complaint click Here

ETFO Provincial Health and Safety – Click Here

WHMIS – Click Here

Ministry of Labour – Click Here

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