Health & Safety

Mark Butt - Lead Negotiator & Health and Safety Officer  Jen Klaassen - 2nd Vice President & Health and Safety Alternate

Are you Concerned About Your Health and Safety at Work?

    1. Speak with your Principal/Site Supervisor and give them an opportunity to address your concerns and solve the problem.
    2. Document your concern/incident on the appropriate form (keep a copy!).

Health and Safety Concern Report – HS 02:01
(for any health/safety concern, ie. Mould, trip hazard, violence, etc)

Air Quality Concern Report – HS 02:02
(allergies, heating, air temperature, air conditioning, etc.)

Workplace Violence – Fill out after violent incident (verbal or non-verbal threat) APM A7100 and Form

Aggressive Incident Reporting – APM A4071 and Form

Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form

Employee Injury Form – Online form on Board site or here.
(use to document EVERY injury!)

  1. Contact Mark Butt, SCETF Health and Safety Representative at or phone 728-2888. Health and Safety Observer: Jennifer Elliott,

Other useful links, resources, and documents click here.

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