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Health Supports Available for SCETF Members

  1. OTIP – Caring for your mental well-being.:  (New as of December 1st, 2020)
  2. BeaconFor Ontario Residents | BEACON Digital Therapy ( BEACON digital therapy (iCBT) is now available free of charge to support Ontarians through stress and mental well-being concerns during COVID-19, funded by the Government of Ontario.
  3. FeelingBetterNow® is a web-based mental health care program that guides members and their care provider (whether it be a counsellor, psychologist, or family physician) to identify emotional and mental health issues as early as possible. Getting the right diagnosis and treatment helps members feel better sooner. Learn more about FeelingBetterNow®
  4. MapleMaple: Online Doctors, Virtual Health & Prescriptions in Canada (  SCETF Members have PREMIUM access to Maple.  Say Goodbye to the Waiting Room. Talk to a Licensed Doctor from Anywhere Now! A Hand Picked Network Of Canadian Doctors Ready To Help You. Get Started Today. Secure Record-Keeping. Free Same Day Delivery. Doctor’s Notes. For more information about Maple please read this Welcome Package
  5. Best Best Doctors brings together the best medical minds in the world to help you get the right diagnosis, treatment and information when you are facing any type or degree of medical uncertainty. SCETF Members are able to access Best Doctors.
  6. Care Path –  The Cancer Assistance Program:  (Care Path is included as part of your LTD benefits.)


ETFO Long Term Disability

On November 1, 2013, a new provincial LTD plan came into effect. All ETFO locals are now governed by the same terms and conditions of the plan. Participation in the plan is mandatory for all active full or part-time teacher local members. The plan is administered by the Ontario Teachers’ Insurance Plan (OTIP).

Your entitlement to benefits is based on the language in the LTD policy. The LTD policy outlines the conditions you have to meet to maintain your claim.

The following is a link to ETFO’s Guide to Long Term Disability. This Guide is intended to be a generic overview of what is involved in applying for Long Term Disability.

Link to ETFO Guide to Long Term Disability

You are not eligible for LTD coverage and, therefore, no longer required to make LTD premium payments when you are entitled to at least 60% unreduced service pension. Your LTD insurance coverage terminates on the earliest of the following dates:

  • When you are first entitled to at least 60% unreduced service pension from the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP)
  • When you reach the end of the month in which you turn age 65

Please follow these steps to determine when you are no longer eligible for LTD insurance:

  1. Sign in to the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP) website at
  2. Review your service record statement for the following: 
    • Credit Years = 30 or greater
    • Qualifying Factor = 85 or greater
  3. If your credit years and qualifying factor meet the above criteria, print a copy of your service record statement and provide it to your local leader to start the process of terminating your LTD coverage with OTIP.

If you meet, or surpass the aforementioned criteria, you are eligible to terminate your Long Term Disability coverage. In order to terminate coverage in the Long Term Disability Plan you will have to please complete the attached application for termination and forward it along with the proof required for scenario 1 or scenario 2 to me at: Fax: Attention Nathan Klaassen to 705-739-1269  email to:

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