Status of Women

     My name is Milica Westbrook. This is my first position on the Executive. I am very excited to be your Status of Women Chair. Over the past four years, I have been a Steward and participated in various Women’s Programs, such as, Women in Action (Parts 1, 2, 3), And Still We Rise conference, and Intersectional Allyship. I’ve been lucky to be able to participate in local events, such as, Take Back the Night, and our Status of Women Book Club. Outside of the union, I am a dedicated educator. I teach Grade 3 at Cundles Heights and I am a proud intersectional feminist and unionist. 

     My vision for Status of Women is to engage our membership in thoughtful, meaningful, and respectful dialogue about the barriers and achievements that we collectively experience through participation in our feminist book club, presentations with inspiring leaders, and addressing issues that we experience in our homes, schools, and communities. I hope that we can continue to come together and grow as SCETF members. We’ve fought hard for this committee and we are incredibly lucky to be able to participate in these women’s programs locally. 

     I look forward to growing this committee and encourage our members to join me in moving forward.

     The SCETF Status of Women Committee’s role is to enhance the status of women in the teaching profession and in society. We outreach to community-based women’s organizations.  The committee also promotes opportunities for networking, leadership, and professional development for women members.

If you are interested in joining the Status of Women committee, please contact:

 Upcoming Events

Pregnancy, Parental & Child Care Leave Information Sessions:

– April 14th    Registration is live. Click HERE.

– Coming soon: Apr. 14th, and June 9th






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