New Members


     Congratulations on your new contract!! I welcome you to SCETF. You may or may not be new to teaching, but your well-deserved contract makes you new to us.

     My name is Theresa Lau and I am new to the executive as New Member Chair for 2021-2023. I have been a teacher at SCDSB for 15 years and remember the feelings of excitement and longing for more time in my beginning years. My personal and professional goal as a teacher has always been focused on a work/life balance, and as a beginning teacher this may sometimes seem impossible. I hope you can find comfort in knowing you are not alone and know SCETF is here to support you. 

     SCETF offers workshops, information sessions and direction for new members. We can keep you up to date and informed about the ETFO ELHT (Employee Life and Health Trust), negotiations, and even help you to navigate the NTIP process. We also can answer questions you have about the staffing process, report card writing expectations, and union representation. 

     We encourage you to come to one of our member meetings, connect with us on Facebook and bookmark the SCETF website to see what we have to offer.

     There is a lot to learn as a new contract teacher, but staying in touch and informed with SCETF can make it easier.

     Reach me at with questions or for more information about Your Union.

Theresa Lau (she/her), New Member Chair, SCETF


(From participants of the New Member Workshop 2021)

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