2021-2023 SCETF Executive

Congratulations to the newly elected 2021-2023 SCETF Executive!

2021-2023 SCETF Executive

President – Donnie Mills

First Vice President – Jennifer Klaassen

Second Vice President – Amy Stepanek

Third Vice President – Jason Durance

Secretary – Krista Haidner

Treasurer – Luc Voorn

Annual Meeting Chairperson – Tamara Tschop-McLaren

Equity Chairperson – Sara Savoia

New Member Chairperson – Empty

Pension Chairperson – Amy Stepanek

Political Action Chairperson – Heidi Irion

Professional Learning Chairperson – Susan Michaud

Public Relations Chairperson – Tonia Ballantyne

Second Language Chairperson – Kathy Chamney-Gingras

Status of Women Chairperson – Milica Westbrook

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