FDK Workshop Series

Tracy Sims and Cheryl Emrich are a Kindergarten Team who have been working in partnership together for 7 years. 

 Together, they offer a program that focuses on emergent, inquiry based learning. They draw inspiration from many different approaches to teaching such as the Reggio Emilia philosophy and Project Based Learning.

 Tracy and Cheryl enjoy collaborating and connecting with others through social media, book clubs, conferences and workshops. They draw inspiration from co-constructing knowledge and learning alongside other educators. Tracy and Cheryl have presented to many different groups of educators across Ontario sharing their passion and belief that children are competent, capable, and curious learners. They also actively run a blog “Passionately Curious” sharing their learning and reflections.

Attendance at all three days is mandatory!

25 spaces are reserved for SCETF teachers and 25 spaces are reserved for SimcoeDECEs

Sorry we’re full!

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