PL Application

See the following for information on the SCETF Professional Learning Funds:


 2017 – 2018 RESOURCE Application (please print and submit)

For any PL after June 30, 2018: 2018 -2019 PL Application (please print and submit)

Declaration of Financial Support  (please print and submit)

Professional Learning Funding Chart

**Reading for the Love of It, 2019 > there is a 40 person limit and only people who did not attend in 2018 will be approved**

For professional learning resources it also expected that you would ask for approval if you want to be reimbursed. Also, please review what you want to purchase is a “professional learning” resource and not a “teacher resource” book or “student focused tool.”   A professional learning material would help you as a teacher – focus on teaching methodologies and classroom management.  A teacher resource book is something that aids the students in their learning. So if you bought a song book or a games book or something like “ABC Activities” these types of purchases would not be reimbursed. You should check with your teacher-librarian to see if they have an allocation of funds for such books or contact your administrator.

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