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sandra-new Sandra Woodrow-Hewitt – Professional Learning Chair

A message from your PL Chair

SCETF Members are reminded that applications for SCETF Professional Learning Funds are to be received at the SCETF Office at least two weeks prior to start of the professional learning event or course.  An approval letter will be issued once the application form is received.  If supply coverage is required, a release letter will be issued by the SCETF Office two weeks prior to the workshop/professional learning event.

For professional learning activities completed between July 1st, 2016 to June 30th, 2017, SCETF Members need to complete the Application for SCETF Professional Learning Funds – 2016-2017. All paperwork/receipts for your SCETF Professional Learning Funds application should be faxed, sent directly to the SCETF office through the Board courier, email to or dropped off at the SCETF Office at 351 King Street, Barrie where it date stamped and coded as it is received.

See the following for information on the SCETF Professional Learning Funds:

2016-2017 SCETF PL Funding Guidelines

2017-2018 SCETF PL Application Forms (must be printed and completed by hand)

For professional learning resources it also expected that you would ask for approval if you want to be reimbursed. Also, please review what you want to purchase is a “professional learning” resource and not a “teacher resource” book or “student focused tool.”   A professional learning material would help you as a teacher – focus on teaching methodologies and classroom management.  A teacher resource book is something that aids the students in their learning. So if you bought a song book or a games book or something like “ABC Activities” these types of purchases would not be reimbursed. You should check with your teacher-librarian to see if they have an allocation of funds for such books or contact your administrator.

SCETF members are encouraged to stay informed and to check our SCETF website, to read SCETF Member Emails and to check the ETFO website on a regular basis to be aware of the professional learning opportunities that are being offered. It is through the SCETF Member Emails that much of our information is shared.  Be sure to have a current non-Board email on file at the SCETF Office.

Looking for free eResources? Go to  Go to Resources and then eResources.  A great example is the Awareness, Engagement Activism: A Social Justice Approach This extensive document is sorted by grade level, children’s books, themes, culminating activities. This is just one example of what is available.

Questions can be directed to Sandra Woodrow Hewitt, Professional Learning Chair, SCETF, at


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