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Paul Maurice – Second Language Chair

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 Bonjour à tous!

On April 28th, Leah Abbey, from Hamilton, will be presenting a workshop at the SCETF Office. Please visit the SCETF website ( ) late March or early April to sign up. Here is a little synopsis of her workshop: They’re Actually Speaking in the L2! During this workshop, I will focus on “How I get them to speak in the L2 and how I am able to speak it to them”. Although the context will be a Grade 9 Core French classroom, the teacher and student strategies would apply to any L2 learner. Strategies that have been effective in improving oral communication will be shared, as well as activities and artefacts thatdemonstrate student work and progress. Emphasis will be placed on CEFR-inspired strategies and links will be made to the new FSL curriculum.

If you have any strategies and/or ideas that you would like to share with all French teachers, feel free to email me ( ) and maybe we can set something up for the school year 2017-2018.

 Bonne journée et à la prochaine.

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