President’s Message


The 2016-2017 has brought many changes for SCETF Members.  I commend you on your ongoing professionalism as you deal with the changes that have occurred at the provincial and local level.

ETFO 2017-2019 Teacher/Occasional Teacher Agreement:  SCETF Members recently participated in the in the ETFO Teacher/Occasional |Teacher Tentative Extension Agreement ratification process including attending the February 27th All-Member Meeting, participating in the March 1st ETFO Town Hall and reading the Special Bulletins and information.  On-line voting took place the week of February 27th to March 3rd.  The ETFO 2017-2019 Teachers/Occasional Teacher Extension Agreement was ratified by a double majority.  Thank you to SCETF Members who exercised their democratic rights and participated in the voting process

Bill 115 Remedy Discussions:  The ETFO Provincial Executive has proceeded with Bill 115 discussions and extension agreement negotiations separately. Now that the 2017-2019 Tentative Extension Agreement ratification process has concluded, ETFO will meet with Government representatives in hopes of reaching an agreement on the Bill 115 remedy.

ETFO ELHT (Employee Life and Health Trust): On November 1st, 2016, SCETF Members moved to the new ETFO ELHT along with the other ETFO Locals that moved to the new ETFO Benefits Plan in Wave 1.  If you have any questions about the new plan, please contact OTIP for assistance at 1-866-783-6847.  As well, ETFO Staff at the ETFO Provincial Office are available to assist ETFO Members.  Please call 1-888-838-3836 and ask for the Duty Officer – Benefits.

For more information on the ETFO ELHT, go to the ETFO website at  .

September 2017 Refresh of Sick Leave:  As a result of this ruling from the December 2016 “refresh of sick leave” arbitration, the September 2017 Refresh of Sick Leave may look different for some SCETF Members.  SCETF Members who are off work due to medical reasons either full-time or part-time at the end of June 2017 and are unable to resume full-time duties in September 2017 due to the same medical reasons are encouraged to contact the SCETF Office in August/September 2017 to obtain information on how they will access sick leave/short term disability days in 2017-2018

Any SCETF Member who is accessing sick leave which began prior to the 2016-217 school year and will return to work during the remainder of this school year, should contact the SCETF Office to determine how their refresh of sick leave will occur.

SCDSB Roll-out of IEP Writer On-line and Power Teacher/Grade Book:  This school year at the local level, SCETF Members have experienced the SCDSB roll-out of two new computer programs for completing paperwork – IEP Writer On-Line and Power Teacher/Grade Book.  Each one of you should be congratulated for managing to complete the IEPs and the first term report cards with minimal to no training and in general, limited support.  On your behalf, I have presented to senior SCDSB administration the ongoing issues you have faced using these two computer programs and the deficiencies with each program but especially with Power Teacher/Grade Book. Recommendations have been made on what elementary teachers need in a report card program.  You are encouraged to keep your principal updated on what you need as the Board moves forward with the use of the IEP Writer On-line and as you prepare to write the Term 2 report cards using Power Teacher/Grade Book.  Ask your principal to keep your school superintendent up to date on your needs as well.

Wishing everyone a relaxing and enjoying March Break! Be sure to take time for family, friends and yourself.



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